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Bhatnagar, S.; Bhan, M. K.; Sommerfelt, H.; Kumar, R.; Sazawal, S.; Saini,    
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1993                                                                KAT 4b    
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                                                                    KAT 2     
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                                                                    KAT 4b    
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                                                                    KAT 1     
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Bergen 1993                                                         KAT 4b    
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                                                                    KAT 1     
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bacterium Vibrio anguillarum. (cand.scient). - Universitetet i Bergen 1993    
                                                                    KAT 4b    
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transcriptas, tat and rev. (dr.scient). - Universitetet i Bergen 1993         
                                                                    KAT 4a    
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Torrissen, K. R.; Male, R.                                                    
Improving genetic stocks of Atlantic salmon by using gene(s) coding for       
trypsin-like isozymes. - Rapport fra Senter for havbruk. -                    
Havforskningsinstituttet, Senter for havbruk 21 1993                KAT 3     
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egg quality and effect on growth of three different populations. Aquaculture  
and Fisheries Management. 24, s. 407-415 1993                       KAT 1     
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genes in Atlantic salmon. (cand.scient). - Universitetet i Bergen 1993        
                                                                    KAT 4b    
Zuckerman, M.; Cox, R.; Taylor, J.; Wood, J.; Haaheim, L. R.; Oxford, J.      
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1113-1113 1993                                                      KAT 1     

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