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Aksnes, Dagfinn; Francis, George W.                                           
Assignments of the 1H and 13C NMR Spectra of                                
trans-4-hydroxy-N-9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-L-proline Using One- and         
Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy. Magnetic resonance in chemistry. 31, s.     
876-877 1993 ISSN 0749-1581                                         A01       
Aksnes, Dagfinn; Kimtys, Liudvikas L.                                         
Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Studies of Binary Solutions of     
Pivalic Acid and Carbon Tetrachloride in Liquid and Solid  Phases. Acta       
chemica Scandinavica. 47, s. 27-32 1993                             A01       
Alsberg, B. K.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Compression of n-order data arrays by B-splines. Part 1. Theory. KJ.          
Chemometrics. 7, s. 61-73 1993                                      A01       
Andersen, Ø. M.; Pedersen, A. T.                                              
Poster på nasjonal NMR konferanse på Ustaoset. Ustaoset, 1993       D05       
Andresen, B.; Throndsen, T.                                                   
Extended abstract in conference proceedings. Conference proceedings., s.      
281-284 Stavanger, 1993 ISBN 82-992947-0-3                          D03       
Andresen, B.; Barth, T.; Irwin, H.                                            
Yields and carbon isotopic composition of pyrolysis products from             
artificial maturation processes. Chemical geology. 106, s. 103-114 1993 ISSN  
0168-9622                                                           A01       
Backlund, S.; Sjøblom, J.; Matijevic, E.                                      
Molecular Packing of Surfactants and Cosurfactant on Solid Oxide Surfaces     
and Liquid Crystals. Colloids Surfaces A. 79, s. 263-273 1993       A01       
Barth, T.; Nielsen, S. B.                                                     
Estimating kinetic parameters for generation of petroleum and single          
components from hydrous pyrolysis of source rocks. Energy & Fuels. 7, s.      
100-110 1993                                                        A01       
Barth, T.; Andresen, B.; Iden, K.; Johansen, H.                               
Modelling source rock production potentials for diagenetically active         
compounds. A multivariate approach. Extended abstract in conference           
proceedings. Conference proceedings., s. 627-630 Stavanger, 1993 ISBN         
82-992947-0-3                                                       D03       
Barth, T.; Bjørlykke, K.                                                      
Organic acids from source rock maturation - generation potentials,            
transport mechanisms and relevance for mineral diagenesis. Applied            
geochemistry. 8, s. 325-337 1993 ISSN 0883-2927                     A01       
Barth, Tanja                                                                  
"Diagenetically active organic compounds - generation, migration and          
effects on reservoir porosity and permeability". Laboratoriet for Geofysik,   
Geologisk institutt, Universitetet i Århus, 1993-05-27              D04       
Barth, Tanja                                                                  
"Hydrous pyrolysis of immature source rocks as a technique of simulated       
maturation - uses and limitations". Institut de Chimie, Universite Louis      
Pasteur, Strasbourg, Frankrike, 1993-02-11                          D04       
Bergesen, Knut                                                                
Investigation of Nitrogen Compounds in North-Sea Oil by Gas-Chromatography    
and Mass-Spectrometry. UEA, Norwich, England, 1993-11-10            D04       
Bergesen, Knut                                                                
Solution Phase 1H and 13C-NMR Studies of Sme                                
1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-Octa-alkyl Phthalocyanines. UEA, Norwich, England,       
1993-11-09                                                          D04       
Borgund, A. E.; Barth, T.                                                     
Migration behaviour of petroleum associated short chain orgaic acids.         
Organic geochemistry. 20, s. 1019-1025 1993 ISSN 0146-6380          A01       
Børve, K. G. Nordli; Ebeltoft, H.; Sjøblom, J.                                
Moderne Instrumentering i Overflate og Kolloidkjemi. I. Langmuir och          
Langmuir Blodgett Filmer. Kjemi. 8, s. 6-9 1993                     A04       
Børve, Knut; Hansen, Jan P.                                                   
Electron capture from the light noble gases. Journal of Physics. B. 26, s.    
677-683 1993                                                        A01       
Børve, Knut; Hansen, Jan P.                                                   
On the cluster dependence of electron capture cross sections in ion-cluster   
collisions. Z. Phys. D. 25, s. 247-252 1993                         A01       
Carlson, R.; Nordahl, Å.; Axelsson, A-K.; Barth, T.                           
Optimization in organic synthesis: An approach to obtaining kinetic           
information by sequential response surface modelling. An outline of the       
method. Journal of chemometrics. 7, s. 341-367 1993 ISSN 0886-9383  A01       
Christy, A. A.; Nodland, E.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                  
A gas cell for on-line transmission Fourier-transform infrared                
spectrometry. Vibrational spectroscopy. 4: 3, s. 365-371 1993 ISSN 0924-2031  
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Analytical profiles and Multivariate modelling in Geochemistry. Handbook on   
environmental chemistry. 1993                                       A05       
Christy, A. A.; Nordland, E.; Burnham, A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                    
Determination of kinetic parameters for the dehydration of calcium oxalate    
monohydrate by On-Line pyrolysis diffuse reflectance infrared spectrometry.   
Atlanta, USA, 1993-03-08                                            D04       
Christy, A. A.; Liang, Y. Z.; Hui, C.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Velapoldi, R. A.      
Effect of particle size on diffuse reflectance Fourier-transform infrared     
spectra of polystyrene spheres. Vibrational spectroscopy. 5, s. 233-244 1993  
ISSN 0924-2031                                                      A01       
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Libnau, F. O.; Aksnes, G.; Toft, J.          
Interpretation of chemical structural changes by target-projection analysis   
of infrared profiles. Vibrational spectroscopy. 6, s. 1-14 1993 ISSN          
0924-2031                                                           A01       
Christy, A. A.                                                                
Organized and taught in the Theory, Practice and multivariate data            
handling: A three day course on FT-IR spectroscopy. Department of Chemistry,  
University of Bergen, 1993-09-09                                    D04       
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Particle size problem in diffuse reflectance Fourier-transform infrared       
spectrometry. Plenary lecture. Lyon, France, 1993-06-09             D02       
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Particle size problem in diffuse reflectance spectrometry. Proceedings of     
the European seminar on vibrational spectroscopy. Leon, France, 1993          
Christy, A. A.                                                                
Quantitative analysis with diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopy:         
Advantages and disadvantages. Discussion with postgraduate and post           
doctoral students. Department of Chemistry, University of Idaho, 1993-01-29   
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Structural differences in asphaltenes analysed by target projection           
analysis SSC3. Århus, Danmark, 1993-06-17                           D04       
Christy, A. A.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                               
Structure and dehydration of calcium oxalate monohydrate. Beijing, China,     
1993-10-09                                                          D04       
Chuprina, V. P.; Nerdal, Willy; Sletten, Einar; Poltev, V. I.; Fedoroff,      
Base Dependence of B-DNA Sugar Conformation in Solution and in the Solid      
State. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. 11 1993      A01       
Chuprina, V. P.; Sletten, E.; Fedoroff, O. Y.                                 
Investigation of Solution Structure of d(GAATTTAAATTC)2 by 1NMR,            
Molecular Dynamics, Mechanics, Refinement by Back-Calculation of the NOESY    
Spectrum and Analysis of This Structure Using X-RAY Data. Journal of Biomol.  
Struct. Bond. 10, s. 693-707 1993                                   A01       
Cooney, J. J.; Doolittle, M. M.; Grahl-Nielsen, O.; Haaland, I. M.; Kirk      
Jr., P. W.                                                                    
Fatty acids in marine fungi. J Industrial Microbiology. 12, s. 373-378 1993   
Costa, R.; Garcia, A.; Ribas, J.; Mallah, T.; Journaux, Y.; Sletten, J.;      
Solans, X.; Rodriguez, V.                                                     
Tailored Magnetic Properties in Trinuclear Cu(II) Complexes: Synthesis,       
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Complexes Derived from                   
[1,3-Propanediylbis (oxamato)] cuprate (II)(([Cu(pba)]2-). Inorganic    
chemistry. 32, s. 3733-3742 1993 ISSN 0020-1669                     A01       
Douheret, G.; Roux, A. H.; Davis, M. I.; Hernandez, M. E.; Høiland, H.;       
Høgseth, E.                                                                   
Thermodynamics of Aqueous Mixtures of 2-(2-hexyloxyethoxy) ethanol at 50     
C. Journal of solution chemistry. 22, s. 1041 1993 ISSN 0095-9782   A01       
Ebeltoft, H.; Kontturi, K.; Murtomaki, L.; Sjøblom, J.                        
Interfacial Behavour of Trilaurylamine as Studied by Electrochemical          
Methods and Langmuir films. Acta chemica Scandinavica. 47, s. 1138-1140 1993  
Francis, G. W.; Husebye, B.; Andersen, Ø. M.                                  
An Improved HPLC System for the Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments.          
Chromatographia. 35, s. 189 1993 ISSN 0009-5893                     A01       
Frøystein, N. Å.; Davis, J. T.; Reid, B. R.; Sletten, Einar                   
Sequence-Selective Metal Ion Binding to DNA Oligonucleotides. Acta chemica    
Scandinavica. 47, s. 649-657 1993                                   A03       
Førdedal, H.; Sæten, J. O.; Sjøblom, J.                                       
Dielektrisk Spektroskopi innen Overflate og Kolloidkjemi. Teori og            
Anvendelser. Kjemi. 8, s. 24-27 1993                                A04       
Førdedal, H.; Sjøblom, J.; Infante, R.                                        
Lipoaminoacid Association in the System N -Lauroyal-L. Arginine Methyl      
Ester/1-Pentanol/Water as Studied by Dielectric Spectroscopy. Colloids        
Surfaces A. 79, s. 81-88 1993                                       A01       
Førland, G. M.; Høiland, H.; Skage, A.                                        
Adsorption of Short Chain Alcohols on Kaolin. Bristol, England, 1993          
Galema, S. A.; Engberts, J. B. F. N.; Høiland, H.; Førland, G.                
Aqueous Solutions of Carbohydrates. Informative Thermodynamic Parameters      
for Stereochemical Aspects of Hydration. The Journal of physical chemistry.   
97 1993 ISSN 0022-3654                                              A01       
Grahl-Nielsen, O.; Mjaavatten, O.; Tvedt, E.                                  
Distinguishing between populations of the harp seal Pagophilus                
groenlandicus (Erxleben 1777), by chemometry of the fatty acid profile in     
selected tissues. Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences. 50,     
1400-1404 1993 ISSN 0706-652x                                       A01       
Gulbrandsen, A.; Sletten, J.; Nakatani, K.; Pei, Y.; Kahn, O.                 
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Co(II)Cu(II) and Ni(II)Cu(II) Compunds   
Incorporating the obp=oxamidobis (N,N'-propionato) ligand. Inorganica         
Chimica Acta. 212, s. 271-279 1993                                  A01       
Hedwig, G. R.; Høiland, H.                                                    
Theormodynamic properties of peptide Solutions. 9. Partial Molar Isentropic   
Pressure Coefficients in Aqueous Solution of Sequence  Isometric              
Tripeptides with a Single -CH3 Side-chain. Journal of chemical               
thermodynamics. 25, s. 349 1993 ISSN 0021-9614                      A01       
Hämäläinen, M. D.; Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Andersson, R.            
Deconvolution in one-dimensional chromomatography by heuristic evolving       
latent projections of whole profiles retention time shifted b y Simplex       
optimization of cross correlation between target peaks. Anal. Chim. Acta.     
271, s. 101-114 1993                                                A01       
Høiland, H.; Bauge, K.                                                        
Alcohols in Aqueous Miscellar Solutions. Leicester, England, 1993   D02       
Jakobsen, T.; Skodvin, T.; Sjøblom, J.                                        
Dielektrisk Spektroskopi og Flerfasestrømning. Kjemi. 9, s. 12-16 1993        
Johnsen, R. I.; Grahl-Nielsen, O.; Lunestad, B. T.                            
Environmental distribution of organic waste from a marine fish farm.          
Aquaculture. 118, s. 229-244 1993 ISSN 0044-8486                    A01       
Kvalheim, O. M.                                                               
Chemometrics: academic and industrial perspectives. (Editorial).              
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems. 19, s. iii-iv 1993 ISSN      
0169-7439                                                           A07       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                                 
A two-way procedure for background correction of                              
chromatographic/spectroscopic data by means of congruence analysis and        
least-squares fit of the zero-component regions, comparisonwith               
double-centering. Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems. 18, s.     
265-279 1993 ISSN 0169-7439                                         A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Höskuldsson, A.                               
Determination of detection limit and local chemical rank by designing a       
nonparametric test from the zero-component regions. Journal of chemometrics.  
7, s. 277-289 1993 ISSN 0886-9383                                   A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                                 
Heuristic evolving latent projections: Resolving hyphenated chromatographic   
profiles by component stripping. Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory      
systems. 20, s. 115-125 1993 ISSN 0169-7439                         A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Ramani, A.; Brereton, R. G.                    
Resolution of strongly overlapping two-way multicomponent data by means of    
Heuristic Evolving Latent Projections. Journal of chemometrics. 7, s. 15-43   
1993 ISSN 0886-9383                                                 A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                                 
Unique resolution of hidden peaks in multidetection chromatography by         
first-order differentiation and orthogonal projectio ns. Analytica chimica    
acta. 276, s. 425-440 1993 ISSN 0003-2670                           A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Brereton, R. G.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Rahmani, A.                   
Use of chemometrics factor analysis for chromatographic integration:          
Application to diode-array high-performance liquid chroma tography of         
mixtures of chlorophyll a degradation products. The Analyst. 118, s. 779-790  
1993 ISSN 0003-2654                                                 A01       
Liang, Y.-Z.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Manne, R. M.                                   
White, grey and black - A classification of methods for quantitative          
analysis of multicomponent analytical systems. Chemometrics and intelligent   
laboratory systems. 18, s. 235-250 1993 ISSN 0169-7439              A01       
Libnau, O.; Christy, A. A.; Aksnes, G.; Kvalheim, O. M.                       
Temperature dependency of the infrared spectra of water studied by            
Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Proceedings of the European seminar  
on vibrational spectroscopy. Leon, France, 1993                     D02       
Lloret, F.; Julve, M.; Ruiz, R.; Journaux, Y.; Nakatani, K.; Kahn, O.;        
Sletten, Jorunn                                                               
Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of MnCu(obbz)                       
(H2O)3·DMF(obbz=N,N'-Oxyamidobis(benzoato) and DMF=Dimethylformamide),     
a Precursor of the Molecular-Based Magnet Mn(obbz)· H2O with Tc= 14K.       
Inorganic chemistry. 32, s. 27-31 1993 ISSN 0020-1669               A01       
Nerdal, W.; Pedersen, A. T.; Andersen, Ø. M.                                  
Two-dimensional Nuclear Overhauser Enchancement NMR Experiments on            
Pelargonidin-3-glucopyranoside, an Anthocyanin of Low Molecular Mas s. Acta   
chemica Scandinavica. 46, s. 872 1993                               A03       
Nerdal, Willy; Haugen, F.; Knutsen, S.; Grasdalen, H.                         
Evidence for Double-Helical Kappa-Carrageenan in Li I-Solution and Model      
for Iodide-Binding. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. 10, s.    
785-791 1993                                                        A01       
Nerdal, Willy; Andersen, Øyvind M.; Sletten, Einar                            
NMR Studies of a Plant Flavonoid-DNA Oligonucleotide Complex. Acta chemica    
Scandinavica. 47, s. 658-662 1993                                   A01       
Nordli, K. G.; Børve, H.; Ebeltoft,; Sjöblom, J.                             
Moderne instrumentering i overflate och kolloidkjemi. I. Langmuir och         
langmuir blodgett filmer. Kjemi. 8, 6-9 1993                        A04       
Pedersen, A. T.; Andersen, Ø. M.; Aksnes, D. W.; Nerdal, W.                   
NMR on anthocyanins, assignments and effects of exchanging aromatic protons.  
Magnetic resonance in chemistry. 31, s. 972-976 1993 ISSN 0749-1581 A01       
Schmidt, Birthe J.; Barth, Tanja                                              
Discussion of "kerogen typing" based on data from artificial maturation       
(hydrous pyrolysis), kinetics calculation and optical analyses., 1993         
Skodvin, R.; Sjøblom, J.; Sæten, J.O.; Gestblom, B.                           
Solubilization of Drugs in Microemulsions. Dielectric Spectroscopy and        
Phase Equilibria. Journal of colloid and interface science. 155, s. 392-401   
1993 ISSN 0021-9797                                                 A01       
Skurtveit, R.; Sjøblom, J.; Friberg, S. E.; Yang, C. C.; Ahmed, A.            
Diffusion Coefficients in a Water/Sodium Dodecylsulfate/Petanol               
Microemulsion Base and its Ammonium Hydroxide Analogue. Journal of            
dispersion science and technology. 14, s. 685-702 1993 ISSN 0193-2691         
Sletten, Einar                                                                
"How reliable are double-helix oligonucleotide structures bases on NMR        
spectroscopy?" Invited lecture. Dortmund, 1993-03-30                D04       
Sletten, Einar                                                                
"Sekvensavhengig metallbinding til oligonukleotider". Plenarforedrag.         
Ustaoset, 1993-10-08                                                D04       
Sletten, Einar                                                                
"Sequence-Selective Binding of Mercury Ions to DNA". Gjesteforelesning.       
University of Ioanninia, Greece., 1993-10-20                        D04       
Sletten, J.; Svardal, K.; Sørensen, A.                                        
Coordination Geometries in Bis(di-2-pyridylamine)copper(II) Complexes.        
Crystal Structures of [CuL2](PF6)2, [CuL2(NO3)2] and                
[CuL2(NCS)1.5(CLO4)0.5][CuL2(ClO4)2, L=di 2-pyridylamine). Acta   
chemica Scandinavica. 47, s. 1091-1099 1993                         A03       
Sletten, J.; Svardal, K.; Sørensen, A.                                        
Plasticity of Cu(II). Structures of CuL2X2 and CuL2XY Compounds.           
(L=2,2'-dipyridylamine). Helsinki, Finland, 1993-01-13              D05       
Sletten, Jorunn; Grove, H.                                                    
Copper(II)complex of the tripodal ligand                                      
tris((2-benzimidazol-2-yl(methyl)amine and its bonding to a sulfur ligand     
of thiolate character. Acta Chemica Scandinavica. 51, 822-831 1993 ISSN       
0904-213x                                                           A01       
Sletten, Jorunn; Kovacs, J. A.                                                
Structure of trans-[dichlorobis(tripenyl-phosphine)-nickel                   
(II)]·2CH2Cl2. Journal of crystallographic and spectroscopic research.    
23, s. 239-241 1993 ISSN 0277-8068                                  A01       
Slimestad, Rune; Nerdal, Willy; Francis, George W.; Andersen, Øyvind M.       
Myricetin 3,4'-Diglucoside and Kampherol Derivatives from Needles of Norway   
Spruce, Picea Abies. Phytochemistry. 32, s. 179-181 1993 ISSN 0031-9422       
Stumpf, H. O.; Pei, Y.; Kahn, O.; Sletten, Jorunn; Renard, J. P.              
Dimensionality of Mn2Cu2 Bimetallic Compunds and Design of Molecular-Based  
Magnets. Journal of Amer. Chem. Soc. 115, s. 6738-6745 1993         A01       
Sæthre, L. J.; Gropen, O.                                                     
Prediction of Single Bond Radii for S, Se and Te. Abstract., s. 34 Helsinki,  
Finland, 1993                                                       D03       
Toft, J.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                                     
Eigenstructure tracking analysis for demonstration of heteroscedastic noise   
in instrumental profiles - application to transm ittance and aborbance IR.    
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems. 19, s. 65-73 1993 ISSN       
0169-7439                                                           A01       
Toft, J.; Kvalheim, O. M.                                                     
Resolution parameter for multidetection chromatography. Anal. Chem. 65, s.    
2270-2275 1993                                                      A01       
Urdahl, O.; Møvik, A. E.; Sjøblom, J.                                         
Water-in-crude Oil Emulsions from the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Part       
VIII. Surfactant and Macromolecular Destabilization. Colloids Surfaces A.     
74, s. 293-302 1993                                                 A01       
Wang, A. C.; Kim, S. G.; Flynn, P. F.; Sletten, E.; Reid, B. R.               
Considerations in the Application of Orientation-Dependent Analysis of NOE    
Intensities to DNA Oligonucleotides. Journal of magnetic resonance. 100, s.   
358-366 1993 ISSN 1064-1866                                         A01       

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