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Eidvin, T.; Jansen, E.; Riis, F.                                              
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Mellere, D.                                                                   
Thrust-generated, back-fill stacking of alluvial fan sequences,               
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Svendsen, J. I.; Mangerud, J.                                                 
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0800-3955                                                           N         
Thorsnes, I.; Rye, N.; Nesje, A.                                              
Modern and Litte Ice Age Equilibrium - line Attitudes on Outlet Glocie rs     
from Jostedalsbreen, Western Norway: An Evaluation of Different App roaches   
to their Calculation. Arctic and alpine research. 25, No 2, 106-116 1993 ISSN 
0004-0851                                                           A01       

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