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Alsaker, E.; Furnes, H.                                                       
Geochemistry of the Sunnfjord Melange: Sediment mixing from different         
sources during obduction of the Solund-Stavfjord Ophilite Complex, Norwegian  
Caledonides. Geological Magazine. 130 1993                          A01       
Alsaker, E.; Furnes, H.                                                       
The geochemistry of the Sunnfjord Melange: sediment mixing from different     
sources during obduction of the Solund-Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex,           
Norwegian Caledonides. Geological Magazine. 1993                    A01       
Alt, J.C.; Kinoshita, H.; Stokking, L.; Furnes, H.                            
Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 148. Initial Report. 1993       
Bristow, D.G.; Cawthorn, R.G.; Harmer, J.; Lee, C.A.; Tegner, C.; Viljoen,    
Symposium on layering in igneous complexes. Field excursion guide to the      
Bushveld Complex. 1993                                              A01       
Dreyer, T.; Falt, L.M.; Høy, T.; Knarud, R.; Steel, R.J.                      
Quantified fluvial outcrop data for reservoir modelling from the Escanilla    
Formation, Sobrarbe sub-basin, Spanish Pyrenees. Int Assoc Sedimentol Spec    
Public. 15, 57-80 1993                                              A01       
Dueholm, K.S.; Olsen, T.                                                      
Reservoir analogue studies using multi-model photogrammetry: a new tool for   
the petroleum industry. Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum     
Geologists. 77, 2023-2031 1993                                      A01       
Einarsson, A.; Oskarsson, H.; Haflidason, H.                                  
Stratigraphy of fossil pigments and Cladophora and its relationship with      
deposition of tephra in Lake Myvatn, Iceland. Journal of Paleolimnology 8.,   
15-26, 1993                                                         A01       
Frostick, L.E.; Steel, R.J.                                                   
Sedimentation in divergent plate-margin basins. In:Tectonic Controls and      
Signatures in Sedimentary Succession. IAS Spec Public. 20 1993      A01       
Frostick, L.E.; Steel, R.J.                                                   
Tictonic Control and Signatures in sedimentary Successions. IAS Spec Public.  
20 1993                                                             A01       
Furnes, H.; Kryza, R.; Muszynski, A.; Pin, C.; Garmann, L.B.                  
Geochemical evidence for progressive, rift-related Early Paleozoic            
volcanism in the eastern sudetes. Journal of the Geological Society of        
London. 1993                                                        A01       
Gabrielsen, R.H.                                                              
Kitchen-bench faulting on video. Analogue modelling of fault structures,      
1-inversion, 2-extension. Sedimentology. 40, 153-154 1993 ISSN 0037-0746      
Gillis, K.; Mevel, C.; Allen, J.; Pedersen, R.B.                              
Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 147. Initial Report. 1993       
Jansen, E.; Mayer, L. A.; Backman, J.; Leckie, M.; Takayama, T.               
Evolution of climate cyclisity at ODP Site 806: oxygen isotope record. ODP    
Scientific Res.Leg 130., 349-362, 1993                              A01       
Karpuz, M.R.; Roberts, D.; Olesen, O.; Gabrielsen, R.H.; Herrevold, T.        
Application of multiple data sets to structural studies on Varanger           
Peninsula, Northern Norway. International journal of remote sensing. 14,      
979-1003 1993 ISSN 0143-1161                                        A01       
Martinsen, O.J.; Martinsen, R.S.; Steidtmann, R.R.                            
Mesaverde Group (Upper Cretaceous), southeastern Wyoming, USA: sequence       
stratigraphy in a tectonically active area. Bulletin of the American          
Association of Petroleum Geologists. 77, 1351-1373 1993             A01       
Mellere, D.; Marzo, M.                                                        
Significado genetico de las unidades aloestratigraficas definidas en los      
depositos aluviales sintectonicos de la Pobla de Segur (Pirineos              
Centro-meridional). Acta geologica hispania. 1993 ISSN 0567-7505    A01       
Milnes, A.G.; Gee, D.G.                                                       
Bedrock stability in southeastern Sweden. Evidence from fracturing in         
Ordovician limestones of northern oland. Technical report 92-23, Swedi sh     
Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., Stockholm, 63.p. 1993        A01       
Nemec, W.; Postma, G.                                                         
Quaternary alluvial fans in southwestern Crete; sedimentation processes and   
geomorphic evolution. In: Alluvial Sedimantation. Inter. assoc. Sedim. Spec.  
Publ. Red. Marzo, M.; Puigdefabregas, C. 17, 235-276 1993           A01       
Olsen, T.                                                                     
Determining the channel sinuosity of ancient fluvial systems from             
paleocurrent data; Discussion. Journal of sedimentary petrology. 63: 2,       
306-307 1993 ISSN 0022-4472                                         A01       
Olsen, T.                                                                     
Large fluvial systems: the Atane Formation, a fluvio-deltaic example from     
the Upper Cretaceous of central West Greenland. Sedimentary geology. 85,      
457-473 1993 ISSN 0037-0738                                         A01       
Pedersen, R.B.; Dunning, G.R.                                                 
Provenance of turbiditic cover to the Caledonian SolundStavfjord ophiolite    
from U-Pb single zircon dating. Journal of the Geological Society of London.  
150, 673-676 1993                                                   A01       
Pedersen, R.B.; Johannesen, G.M.; Boyd, R.                                    
Stratiform Platinum-Group-Element mineralizations in the ultramafic           
cumulates of the Leka Ophiolite Complex. Economic Geology 88., 782-803 1993   
Røe, S.L.                                                                     
Processes and products of large, Late Pre-Cambrian sandy rivers in northern   
Norway. Spec publ int assoc sediment. 17, 151-166 1993              A01       
Skjerlie, K.P.; Johnston, A.D.                                                
Fluid absent melting behaviour of a F-rich tonalitic gneiss at mid crustal    
pressures: implications for the generation of anorogenic granites. Journal    
of petrology. 34, 785-815 1993 ISSN 0022-3530                       A01       
Skjerlie, K.P.; Patino Douce, A.E.; Johnston, A.D.                            
Fluid absent melting of layered rocks, implications for meltgeneration at     
mid crustal pressures. Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology 114.,         
365-378 1993                                                        A01       
Steel, R.J.                                                                   
Triassic-Jurassic megasequence stratigraphy in the northern North Sea: Rift   
to post-rift evolution. In:Petroleum Geology of NW Europe. Geol Soc London.   
Red. Parker, J.R., 299-315 1993                                     A01       
Talbot, M.R.; Johnson, T.C.; Lehman, J.T.; Kelts, K.; Nicholson, S.E.;        
Weiss, R.F.                                                                   
An International Decade for East African Lakes. Workshop report # 2,          
Science and Implementation Plan. duke University Marine Lab. Tech. Report,    
Beaufort, NC. Duke University Marine Lab. Tech. Report, Beaufort,NC., 43 s.   
1993                                                                A01       
Tegner, C.; Wilson, J.R.                                                      
A late ultramafic suite in the Kap Edvard Holm layered gabbro complex, east   
Greenland. Geological Magazine. 130, 431-442 1993                   A01       
Tegner, C.; Wilson, J.R.; Brooks, C.K.                                        
Intraplutonic quench zones in the Kap Edvard Holm layered gabbro complex,     
east Greenland. Journal of petrology. 34, 681-712 1993 ISSN 0022-3530         
Theriault, P.                                                                 
Can tectonic-generated submarin conglomerates be distinguished from coarse    
lowstand deposits with the use of fractal analysis? Example from the Upper    
Jurassic Helsdale Boulder Beds of northeastern Scotland. Geonytt. 20: 1, s.   
47 1993 ISSN 0802-6173                                              A04       
Theriault, P.; Desrochers, A.                                                 
Carboniferous calcretes in the Canadian Artic. Sedimentology. 40, 449-465     
1993 ISSN 0037-0746                                                 A01       
Theriault, P.; Beauchamp, B.; Steel, R.J.                                     
Syntectonic deposition of the Carboniferous Borup Fiord Formation,            
northwestern Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories. In: Current Research,   
Part E,. Geological Survey of Canada. 93: 1E, 8 s. 1993 ISSN 0068-7650        
Tveit, R.; Furnes, H.; Pedersen, R.B.                                         
Geological and geochemical development of the submarine volcanic sequence     
on Storøya, Leka Ophiolite Complex. Norsk geologisk tidsskrift. 73, 81-94     
1993 ISSN 0029-196x                                                 A04       

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