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Produksjonsdato : 98-05-06
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Antinori, F.; Helstrup, H.; Holme, A. K.; et al (WA85 Collaboration)          
Resent results from WA85 on multi-strange hyperon production in S-W           
interactions at 200 A GeV/c. Proc. Int. Europhys. Conf. on High Energy        
Physics (1994). Red. Carr, J.; Perrottet, M., s. 517 Ed. Frontiéres,        
Gif-sur-Yvette , Marseille, France, 1993-07-22 ISBN 2-86332-146-3   D02       
Bjørkevoll, Knut Steinar; Faldt, Goran; Osland, Per                           
Two-loop ladder-diagram contributions to Bhabha scattering III. The phi^3     
limit of QED. Nuclear Physics. North-Holland 1993 B 391, 591 1993 ISSN        
0550-3213                                                           A01       
Csernai, L. P.; Bravina, L. B.; Csörg#do, T.; L#\evai, P.; Strottman, D. D.; 
Zabrodin, E. E.                                                               
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Plenum Press, Bodrum, Turkey, 1993-09-25                            D01       
Davydychev, A. I.                                                             
Progress in Evaluating some Complicated Types of Feynman Diagrams with two    
(and more) Loops. New Computing Techniques in Physics Research III,           
Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering,            
Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems for High Energy and Nuclear        
Physics (AIHENP-93) (1994). Red. Becks, K. -H.; Perret-Gallix, D., s.         
531-537 World Scientific, Singapore, Oberammergau, Germany, 1993-10-04        
Osland, Per                                                                   
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Selskabs Forhandlinger. Tapir 1993, 107 1993                        A04       
Osland, Per; Wu, Tai Tsun                                                     
Predictions For the Masses of the Higgs Boson and the Top Quark. The Search   
For New Elementary Particles: Status and Prospect. World Scientific, 131      
1993                                                                A05       
Skjold, Arild; Osland, Per                                                    
Angular and energy correlations in Higgs decay. Physics Letters.              
North-Holland 1993 B 311, 261-265 1993                              A01       

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