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Odont. inst. - biomaterialer

Produksjonsdato : 98-05-06
Katalogtype: Fullformat.

Vit. artikler i internasjonale tidsskrift, referee-tjeneste (ISSN)            
INSTIT.: UiB-Odont: Odont. inst. - biomaterialer                              
FORF.  : Torgersen, S.                                                        
MEDFORF: Gjerdet, N.R.                                                        
TITTEL : Metal release from arch bars used in maxillofacial surgery           
SIDEREG: s. 83-89                                                             
SPRÅK  : eng                                                                  
TIDSKR.: Acta odontologica scandinavica                                       
ÅR/DATO: 1992                                                                 
VOLUM  : 50                                                                   
ISSN   : 0001-6357                                                            
SAMMEND: Surgical arch bars (splints) are used in maxillofacial surgery as an 
         aid to intermaxillary fixation procedures. Two different types of    
         stainless steel arch bars, a solid bar and a silver-brazed bar, were 
         studied with regard to metal release in vitro. Arch bars were ligated
         to jaw models and immersed in 0.9% saline solution. The electrolyte  
         was analyzed for Ni, Cr, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Cd by atomic absorption     
         spectrophotometry on day 3, 10, and 28. The amounts of metal released
         from the brazed arch bar were 140-600 times higher than those rel    
         eased from the solid arch bar. Clinical implications are suggested.  
EMNEORD: brazing, chromium, adverse effects, corrosion, nickel, adverse       
         effects, stainless steel                                             
PUBL-ID: r96001493                                                            

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