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The new Research Documentation Database 

The section is presently developing a new database, Fdok, for documenting research activities and results of research at the University of Bergen.

The new database will end our use of the FORSKDOK at BIBSYS as a  primary registration and documentation tool. However, we are in contact with BIBSYS to find a solution so that our data will  be exported to FORSKDOK on a regular basis. Unfortunatly, there is no agreement yet how this can be implemented.

The University of Bergen sees the need to integrate in its database a wider set of  research information items and a series of annual reporting functions is included. The reporting is accessible through one interface, and information in the system and in other administrative systems at the UiB will be reused as extensively as possible. Information about the researchers are imported from the personell database.

There is a growing demand for flexible output products from a local system for research documentation. Therefore, different reference formats for publications will be provided, among these the Vancouver and APA formats. In addition, users will  be offered a series of  table formats for numerical and statistical uses.

According to present plans the database will be fully developed during 2002.. A series of different database options will be launched  at intervals during the development of the system.  More about the database.