Inter Library Loaning (ILL) between  Makerere University Library and the Science Library, Bergen University Library 

 6. November 2001 (updated 22.11.01)

Asta Lunde Nord, Marit Kullerud, Olav Aas, Science Library , Elly Gamukama, and Anne Asserson


As a part of the Science Library Project, within the Framwork Agreement (Annex)to meet and support the effort of MakLib to establish a modern University Library. This will be demonstrated through setting up cooperative activities that can be implemented immediately. As MakLib has turned to UBB for support to access UBB resourses, one of the most significant area to start is Inter Library Loaning (ILL). Main subject area should be Science.

Mak and UoB libraries have agreed to start Inter Library Loaning (ILL) following the framework of the International guidelines of ILL and international copyright rules.

What is nessesary to establish an Inter Library Loaning function?
To inform the different units of the UBB that it has been deceided that Makere Library  could temporarly be a legitimite Inter Library Loaning partner of UBB. Establish the loaning function implies an agreement and transferrece of  knowlede to Makerere Library.  

The agreement should include mutuality. UBB may request Ugandean and East African Material from Makrere Library. Reports may be available for loan from Unganda  if there is backup copies. 

How can this be implemented?
ILL service will be hosted at Main library in Makerere and Science Section Library in Bergen.

Material included inthe agreement
The main subject area will be Mathematic and Natural Sciences.

  • Photocopies of from the collection at UBB
  • UBB will be able to order copies from Mak Library, limited to Ungandian and East-African material.

Is is a mutual agreement and both the University Libraries will pay their cost of the Inter Library Loan as it is described in the following. 

Volume and statistics
It is difficult to estimate the volume pr year. Good rutines for statistics will give an overview and make a basis for evaluation.
As an example it could be mentioned that the cost to submit a copy is NOK 60. If one estimate about 200 pr year, this will amount to NOK 12000. But this is a temporary activity and can be changed as it is deveoping.

Conditions to get started

To be settled in Makrere

  • The service will be localised in the Main Library
  • Contact person with responsibility for the services and establishing of necessary routines
  • PC with a web interface
  • Teaching staff.
  • Information to the end users
  • Fax facilities

To be settled in Bergen

  • The Inter Library Loaning service will be located to the Science library, Bergen University Library
  • Asta Lunde Nord, Science Library,  will be the contact person at the Bergen University Library.
  • Inter Library Loan personell responsible for reply service, photocopying, mailing and faxing
  • University Library of Makerere has been  given a BIBSYS patron ID.

Submitting the material
The material will be submitted by ordinary mail. When a stable fax connection is established this can be used as an alternative.

Time scale
The cooperation will be a temporary service that will have a test periode for 2 years. The ILL will be evaluated after a period of one-year or when this is necessary.

See minute of meeting 17. October for more details about the Inter Library Loaning